Car Parking Equals Entrepreneurial Opportunity


I recently wrote a post entitled Smugness Equals Entrepreneurial Opportunity that suggested that a business that acts smugly or arrogantly should be sending a welcome message to entrepreneurs to steal their customers from them.

In his blog post, Where do you park?, Seth Godin, discusses a similar issue. He talks of a bank manager who parks in the bank's small parking lot rather than parking down the street so that customers can park closer. While as a customer, this should annoy you, as an entrepreneur, this should excite you. Whenever you see business people behaving badly, jump in there, create something better, and take their customers away from them!

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Alan J. Zell says

Many years ago in my "past life" as a retailer, I was asked by our parent company to help transfer a recently purchased store into the division. When I got there all the parking spaces, 3 or 4, were filled. When I went in the store there were not customers. I soon found out that the cars in the spaces belonged to the owner (about to be ex-owner) and his office staff (family) and this has been that way for years.

When I queried him about this, he saw nothing wrong with this because it was they "that ran the store and parking was a perc they get as owners." Obviously, those days were over within an hour of my arrival at the store.

When they had to go out and move their cars, the sales staff applauded.

More . . . when I went into the office I found that the office was involved in the plans for their new home in Hawaii and I could not see any space open for things concering the store --sales, inventory info etc.

Lookin at the first part of your post about smugness, this is a good example of what happens when smugness is the theme of the business.

Posted at 1:06 pm
HammondFreddie says

It's an interesting point of view. I've also noticed that the parking lots near the banks are always full of the employee cars rather than the clients. They should all park their cars down the street to allow customers to park closer to the bank. Mercedes Benz Parts Geek
Posted at 10:24 am

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