Biting Lemons to Get Investors to Fund Your Company


The 4-minute video below gives an important lesson about concept versus reality and how to convince investors to fund your company.

Comments? Thoughts? Questions? Do you think I've lost my mind? Please post them below.

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JL Mealer says

Dave, Let me ask somewhat of an obscure question regarding gathering funding AFTER a major corporation in the same business blocks or otherwise chases away your prospects (both investors and customers) and seemingly does everything in their power to squash you (including stealing your home which their associate company has the mortgage on)?? Sure, that's a very odd concern, but reality. It might make a better movie (as the opposing lawyers stated, by Michael Moore crossed with Oliver Stone). Seriously, my friend.... We had the prospective cutomers you speak of (pending funding of course) who dropped us as quickly as the RSS fed "injurious falsehoods" reached them from the competitive business. It's been over a year and we (now it's just "me" (I) and no "we") have not yet recovered from this libel attack either mentally or with our prospective investors and customers. Any idea on vamping this back up and getting our steam back into things and gathering the lost cash flow? Pre MFG sales?? That's the only ideas I can come up with. By the way... I tried the lemon biting ordeal and can't figure out how you held your composure. Thanks. JL Mealer
Posted at 1:06 pm
Dave Lavinsky says

JL, Sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. I would have to imagine that this major corporation has competitors who don't like it. I would think/hope that you could contact them (and they would be more than happy to work with you). And/or are there potential foreign companies/individuals who can invest? Or, what about vendors? If your business is self-contained, renewable fueled automobiles (got that from your site), I'm assuming that with success, you will eventually have to buy millions upon millions of dollars of parts from all types of vendors -- can you convince one of these vendors to fund you now in return for locking up your business as their customer later? Hope this helps! Dave
Posted at 6:49 am
louise Eckersley says

Hi Dave I just wanted to thank you. You truly live the give-get-give philosophy and I'm very grateful! Best wishes Louise
Posted at 8:23 am
JL Mealer says

Thanks Dave, I will see how much my name is "mud" with the parts suppliers but since this larger company pretty much has their fingers in everything including the banking industry and has control of many of the smaller suppliers, especially when dealing with Detroit... I have a tough road ahead of me. The mega corporation who is responsible for destroying my name and my alternative fuel powered automobile's repuation has ignored me... excluding the time in my bankruptcy case where their Phoenix based lawyer compared me a terrorist he once knew of.... This is 'dirty pool' at it's worst and I have not yet been able to control the cue let alone take my shot on the table. (To coin a few billiards phrases). We are working on any sort of smaller investors, foreign or toehrwise, but the Japanese and Koreans who were interested say that "I lost face".... So other than hari cari, it'll take quite a bit more to get them involved again. Who would have thought that this could or would happen in the 21st Century?
Posted at 5:41 pm
Shawn Hakimian says

Nice job getting the point across.
Posted at 2:51 pm
Business Writing says

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Posted at 2:01 pm
Aman Buckingham says

Thanks for this, and biting into a lemon without a bitter face - good job!

This video stimulated my thinking; that's always appreciated.

An initial round of 'crowd funding' will be initiated after establishing a viable pitch. After viewing your video, though aimed at those seeking investment funds rather than 'crowd funds,' I'm considering ways to demonstrate to potential 'donators' ("donor" sounds so medical), that the World Maintenance Project is not only worthy of their donation dollars, but also truly and realistically viable - without requiring the tedious and involved explanations that many will not take the time to wade through. This is a big challenge.

Though based on old and forgotten concepts, the World Maintenance Project goes beyond present day institutions with wide ranging and far reaching consequences. Your 'problem/solution' approach seems to be the most applicable (The Truth about Funding), but as you suggest, it's important to do each type of pitch, even if only as an exercise, as one never knows what circumstance one will find oneself. This will help immensely.

Demonstration of actual results is obviously more desirable than convincing of potential results. I'm going to find a way to get as close to that ideal as possible.

Posted at 2:11 am
Brenda L. Cain says

Your video made a lot of since. It was short and gave me something to think about. So today I am seeing what I can do now to get results so investors will give me money later. Thanks!
Posted at 2:20 pm
Jeff B. says

There is a segment from an episode of the Shark Tank television show which perfectly illustrates Dave's point.
Posted at 12:13 pm
Michael J Hare says

Hi David first time communicating I was wondering if I can't carry a video cam around all the time would getting people to e-mail me with their comments on my business idea be a way of having proof and would it be enough to present to investors. I am building my B/P right now and could use any advice you may have to offer. Thanks a lot Mike
Posted at 5:23 pm
mlchael hare says

David good idea,l have talked to many people about my idea of a restaurant and they all liked my concept. Now how do l get the proof that they liked my ldea? Do I video them or get them to sign something to prove it?
Posted at 8:23 pm

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