3 Simple Tricks for Getting New Customers

Smart marketers know that as much as 80% of their revenues come from repeat customers. Once you transform someone from prospect to customer and then give them a great experience, your next sale to that customer will be much easier. In fact, oftentimes the next sale will be initiated by the customer without any effort on your part.

So the best way to get more sales from repeat customers is…make more sales to first-time customers!

For instance, if your initial sale to a customer is $40, but the average customer will purchase four more times within the first year, then a new customer is actually worth $200 in the first year. Much more than the initial $40! So, clearly, you want to attract as many new customers as possible (and take care of them so they keep purchasing from you).

To help you do this, below are three tips for attracting first-time customers. Since it’s the most important sale you’ll make, it pays to make your offer truly attention-getting and irresistible.

First-Time Customer Strategy #1: Give Them a Deal

Some companies go as far as to lose money on their first sale (known as a loss-leader), knowing they’ll make it back with an immediate upsell, monthly service, or future sales. Your goal is NOT to make as much money as you can on the first sale. It’s to make a first sale!

But of course, it’s better if the first sale naturally leads to selling your next item or service. For example, I know a pressure washing company who will clean your house’s exterior at cost the first time. But then it upsells 80% of these customers to their “twice yearly” plan — this is where it derives tons of profits.

Restaurants offer specials, phone companies offer you deals if you switch providers, etc. — you know the drill. Give customers a powerful offer to which it’s hard to say no, either in the form of a low price or incredible value for their money.

You see coupon offers and deal-of-the-day sites like Groupon offering $20 massages and other great deals all the time. This works in getting tons of new customers, but be careful. A lot of businesses have reported “The Groupon Effect,” in which they will post a special, get a herd of penny-pinchers in the door that take advantage of the offer and then disappear to find the next deal at whoever’s cheapest tomorrow. In other words, it can attract the wrong crowd and may not produce repeat business-which is the whole point of making a first sale.

So use these special offers carefully. One idea is to use direct mail. Doing so allows you to target the specific customers you want with your special offer.

First-Time Customer Strategy #2: Give Them an Experience

Think about how much money people spend on vacations, sports, dining, and entertainment. What do these all have in common? They’re experiences that people want and are willing to pay for.

You can try positioning your service as a personal experience. It’s one thing to offer a massage, it’s another to offer a “spa experience” with music, lights, nails, and a free facial.

You can also plan and conduct group experiences like luncheons, parties, open houses, or tours. Or find a way to piggyback on existing events going on in your community, like parades, festivals, expos, etc.

These will take a little creativity, but remember that people are naturally drawn to fun times. Make it memorable and do it a few times per year.

Look to Zappos.com as inspiration. Even though it sells a commodity (shoes), it provides a great experience through exceptional customer service. For many other businesses, providing a great experience is much easier than this.

First-Time Customer Strategy #3: Give Them Information

Every business needs to educate its customers, whether you charge for that education or not. I love it when my mechanic, Vinny, explains to me my car’s problem, what caused it, how to fix it, and what it will cost. Sometimes we even go through options together, and I couldn’t make a decision on the right one without getting the facts first.

Providing education demonstrates that you’re an expert, increases your trust, and gives you higher credibility in the customers’ mind. It also gives you an easy segue into showing the benefits of what you’re offering and how it will help.

Some lead generation methods tie in very well with education. For example, if you’re trying to get blog posts ranked in the search engines, you’ll need to write articles on topics of interest to your readers-like how to do something, the pros and cons of different products, etc. These posts will show your expertise and educate the reader.

You can do the same with videos. Simple, informative videos can get the attention of prospects and warm them up before contacting you. End each video with a special offer or a “call to action” that encourages the prospect to contact you.

To reiterate, consider how you can give first-time customers a deal, an experience, or the information they want/need. Use this to gain your first sales. Once you do, make sure you deliver quality, and then you’ll be on track towards generating more repeat business than you can handle!


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