2 Reasons Why This is the Best Holiday Season Ever

Christmas lights with a text saying Your Best Business Holiday Season Ever

This holiday season is the best ever for your business for two simple reasons.

The first is that we currently have awesome economic conditions: a roaring stock market, low unemployment, and solid consumer and business confidence, all of which make right now as good a time as ever to start, grow, finance, and/or sell a business.

The second reason is the calendar, with Christmas and New Years Day falling on Mondays, sets up next week very nicely to both spend quality time with family and friends and have solid work days to…

…do business and reflect, plot and plan for a breakout 2018!

So how should the ambitious and thoughtful executive take best advantage of this happy confluence?

Starting with the bad stuff, liabilities.

There are the obvious ones – financial debts and obligations (both contractual and de facto) to lenders, lessors, employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and the like.

These are big and serious commitments and obligations, and in the holiday season especially we should be highly thankful and grateful to all business owners and entrepreneurs that take on and live up to them.

Then there are the kinds of insidious liabilities that don’t show up on a traditional balance sheet.

These are the liabilities of our tired thinking, our waning energy, and of our “legacy” ways, systems, and approaches.

So next week let’s give ourselves the gift of time and space to reflect upon why we have burdened ourselves with onerous psychological and philosophical liabilities like these…

…and the best path forward to shed ourselves of them.

The shedding process will be different for each of us – some of us like to read inspirational business books, or meditate, or exercise, or group brainstorm, or hire an advisor to help us work through it.

Whatever our chosen method, do know that given these hot markets, that the opportunity cost of NOT shedding has never been greater and…

…when done right will open up beautiful space for Asset Building.

Of those ultimate and most important assets, cash and marketable securities.

But to acquire more of these in 2018, first we must build the kinds of “softer” assets that power and fuel our business’ cash-generating engines.  

As reviewed last week, these soft assets include our business and strategic plan, our brand and company culture, and our Innovation Quotient, or our ability to change and grow as market and competitive conditions dictate and demand.

And next week is a GREAT time to work on them all. =

And similar to with liabilities, the actual process by which we choose to do so will differ for each of us, and range from comparative benchmarking, to team brainstorming to the outsourcing of these “builds” to outside service providers.

And with liabilities down and assets up, we are left with that most beautiful piece of our business balance sheet – equity.

Business equity is a measurement of financial accomplishment attained and retained.

And it is a measurement of our business potential and possibility.

Of our potential for greatness, and of the possibility for that greatness to happen far faster and with far less risk than ever imagined before.

So let’s have it all this holiday season – high quality time with family and friends, and high quality work as much on – as in – our business.

Let’s do it for ourselves, and for everyone we love and cherish.

Give Your Business a Holiday Gift

The holiday season is a natural time to take stock and pride in the accomplishments of the past year, while developing a steely resolve to profit from the awesome opportunities that the New Year is sure to bring.For the past 18 years, Growthink has helped companies like yours grow more rapidly by creating comprehensive Growth Plans. We catalyzed success for clients including:

  • Arganteal (software deployment automation) secured $611K in growth capital.
  • DNT Express (logistics) secured $2.2M in debt funding for facility expansion.
  • Get Candidly (HRTech+FinTech) successful  $1.6M financing round.
  • Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) acquired our client manufacturing process control company Ometric.
  • MPulse (SaaS), acquired by JDM Technology Group.  
  • NativeAds (digital advertising) closed on a $4M venture financing.
  • Permacity completed the world’s largest solar rooftop project and increased revenue by over 35%.
  • PayCertify (fintech), secured $700k in seed funding.
  • ViewQwest launched in Malaysia in Q3 2016 with Indonesia next in line.

What do all of these success stories have in common?

The entrepreneurs and executives running these great companies understood that whether you’re looking to raise capital, sell your company, expand current market share or enter new markets, having a solid growth plan and roadmap is indispensable.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season between now and December 31st, we would like to give your business the gift of a complimentary consultation with one of our growth advisors to help you identify your most valuable growth initiatives to pursue in 2018 and beyond.

To accept, simply click here to arrange a day and time via our online call scheduler.

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