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Written by Dave Lavinsky

venture capital firms colorado

Colorado early-stage startups and established businesses looking for funding have a number of options available to them. One common route is venture capital funding. Venture capital firms typically offer funds in the form of equity or debt, and can help companies with their growth strategy by providing valuable insights.

In this article, we will list the top VC firms in Colorado and discuss venture funds and what they offer entrepreneurs and their businesses. We will also provide information regarding other types of investors who may be interested in funding your company.


List of Top Colorado Venture Capital Firms

There are a number of VC firms in Colorado, many of which have a long history of helping startup companies grow and succeed. Each of these firms has a different focus and area of investing expertise, so it’s important to do your research before choosing one to work with.

Some of the most prominent firms in the state include:


Foundry Group




Altira Group LLC

Altira Ventures


What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital (VC) is a type of private equity, which is a type of investment that is provided by individuals or organizations. Private equity is typically for early-stage technology companies or other business in the early stages of development and have high potential for growth. The purpose of private equity investments is to help these companies expand and grow, which can often result in increased jobs and revenue.

The majority of VCs are individuals, but there are also a number of venture capital firms that exist. These firms typically offer funds in the form of equity or debt, and can help companies with their growth strategy by providing valuable insight into industries that may not be familiar to them.

VCs typically focus on high-growth industries, such as technology or biotechnology.

VCs often bring significant value to startup companies by providing capital, industry connections, management assistance and valuable advice.


What Types of Business Use Venture Capital?

Venture capitalists will not just invest money in any company that comes along. They typically allocate funds to businesses that are in growth stages, have strong management teams, attractive business models, and inspire innovation.

Some of the most common types of companies that VC firms will invest in include:

  • Software
  • Fintech
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Technology-Enabled Services
  • Semiconductors
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Clean Technology
  • Internet-Based Services

The partners at VC firms typically have a thorough understanding of the industries in which they invest. They also typically possess a great deal of experience and success in their fields, having been involved with several successful businesses throughout the course of their careers.


Tips for Attracting Colorado Venture Capital

1. Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared with a detailed venture capital business plan.

This will allow venture capitalists to evaluate your company and determine how it will provide value that others do not.

Include an overview of the management team, product and/or service you have developed, as well as financial projections for at least five years.

Additionally, be sure to include any unique competitive advantages your company may possess.

2. Know Your Audience

Learn about a VC’s expectations before going into the meeting so you can present yourself accordingly.

It is important to have an understanding of the following topics before meeting with a venture capitalist:

  • Investment Decisions – understand how VCs decide whether or not to invest in a company.
  • Industry Dynamics – familiarize yourself with the current trends and developments within your industry.
  • Deal Structures – know what types of deals VCs invest in and what is typically expected from the entrepreneur.
  • Goals – understand a venture capitalist’s goals so you can see how your company fits into them.

3. Leverage Your Connections

Networking can be a very effective way to attract venture capitalists and to get your business in front of them before it is prepared to fully compete with the big companies.

Before meeting with a VC, find out who they have already invested in and see if you can contact them to learn more about the process and their experience.

Asking for a referral from a trusted source can be very effective in attracting VCs. If this is not possible, it may be possible to make investments through a friend or family member who has a significant net worth.

4. Be Honest and Transparent

Being honest with venture capitalists is key to building your relationship with them and getting potential investors interested in your company.

If you have any doubts about your product or experience, it may be best not to meet with VCs until these issues have been addressed.

Be open and upfront about your intentions for the money you are seeking from investors.

It is important to be able to show that you have thought through how you will spend it and what kind of impact it will have on your company.

5. Be Persistent

VCs receive a lot of requests for investments, so you will need to be persistent if your first meeting does not end in an agreement.

Continue to communicate with venture capitalists until they are no longer interested or until you have reached the point where you are able to meet their qualifications for investment.

If it appears that your company is not a good fit for VCs, consider friends and family investments or bank loans, which may be more appropriate for your company.


Understanding the Stages of Venture Capital Funding

Seed stage and early-stage funding are the earliest stages of venture capital, and is given to companies that have not yet generated revenue. This type of funding is used to help a company get off the ground, and can be used for things like hiring employees, developing prototypes, or market research.

Startup funding is given to companies that have begun generating revenue, but are not yet profitable. This type of funding is used to help a company grow and expand. It can be used for things like increasing marketing efforts, expanding into new markets, or developing new products or services.

Growth stage funding is given to companies that are already profitable and have successfully grown over time. This type of funding can be used for taking a company public, expanding into new markets, or acquiring other startups or companies.


Other Investors in Colorado

Angel investors are individuals who provide early-stage funding to Colorado companies in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. These investors are often former entrepreneurs or executives who have the experience and resources to help a company grow.

Business loans are a type of debt financing that can be used by companies to finance things like inventory, equipment, or real estate. These loans are typically unsecured, which means that the company does not need to put up any collateral.

Private equity firms are investment companies that provide funding to businesses in exchange for ownership equity. These firms often have a lot of resources and expertise that they can offer companies in order to help them grow.


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