How to Give a Convincing Venture Capital Presentation

Venture capital presentations are similar to presentations you would give to partners such as corporate or business partners. Your aim should be to highlight the key points about your venture and to expertly answer all of the questions asked, while getting the venture capitalist excited about your idea.

It is important to keep your presentation brief and to the point. The partner with whom you are likely to meet sits through several presentations a day, and will probably not be able to keep up with many of the details in the 20 to 30 minutes that he has allocated to you. Ideally, you will want to include the following points in your presentation:

1. What does your company do?
2. What is the status of your company?
3. What are the key points that make your company unique?
4. What pain does your solution solve?
5. In what market(s) are you competing?
6. How do you generate revenues?
7. Who is your competition?
8. Who is on your management team?
9. What is your timeline/roll-out plan/milestones?
10. How much capital are you seeking?

Remember that you are trying to gain the VC’s interest in your company. Your initial meeting is not the time to try and close the deal. If the VC is interested, he will invite you back for further presentations with his business partners.

Overselling your company is a common mistake that entrepreneurs often make in their initial presentations. According to venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, many entrepreneurs claim to have a “proven management team” and “proven business model” with “patent-pending technology” while enjoying a “first mover advantage.” He goes on to comment that those entrepreneurs using the above terms are essentially lying. “Oh god, it gives me a migraine just thinking about those things.”

Instead, the presenter should focus on the needs of the VC, which is primarily to make money. Show the VC how your firm will make him money, and back up your assertions with primary or secondary data.

Moreover, you should be ready to handle any of the venture capitalists’ questions regarding your business. Be extremely familiar with your financial model, and have a detailed road map for how you plan to grow a profitable business in the long run. Know why you need money, and what you plan to spend it on. Be passionate, and have the ability to display and communicate every last detail of your venture.

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How to Give a Convincing Venture Capital Presentation
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