9/23/2021 Tip: C Funding

Today’s Quote

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”
~ Robert H. Schuller


Today’s Tip

In my Truth About Funding fundraising training program, I go through the 41 proven funding sources for entrepreneurs so you can choose the ones that are a fit for your company. In this week’s tips, I’ll tell you about some of these options.

Consulting or C-Funding

Several companies who are in the midst of developing products for long-term growth, generate short-term revenues to fund their companies by offering consulting.

This consulting not only brings in revenue, but oftentimes also creates relationships with customers that will purchase their products in the future.

An added benefit of this type of financing is that the consulting often reveals information on customer needs which leads to better product and service development.


Today’s Resource

The Funding Pyramid™

I discovered and trademarked The Funding Pyramid formula a few years ago.

This is how it works  <–

It’s the precise formula I discovered and have used to help entrepreneurs and business owners like you raise billions of dollars. 

I lay out precisely how The Funding Pyramidworks, and how to use it in your business today.



Today’s Question: What house is the second most visited American home in the United States, out-visited only by the White House?

Previous Question: What was the name of the very first ocean-going vessel built by Englishmen in the New World?

Previous Answer: Virginia. 

The 30-ton ship was built by settlers who landed in Maine in 1607, established a colony, but found life and the winter weather so harsh that they built a ship to escape a second winter.

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