Steve Harrison’s Quantum Leap Program

Written by Dave Lavinsky

I created the video below to give my impressions of Steve Harrison and the Quantum Leap Program.

I attended the Quantum Leap Program a few years ago when I was writing my book: Start at the End, and have had a lot of success since then.

In full disclosure, I’m a partner of both Steve and Bill Harrison as I occasionally promote new products they create. I do so because they are good people with great products.

The Quantum Leap Program was most helpful to me on two fronts. First was in thinking through the structure of the book and understanding how to complete it most expertly and quickly.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, the program taught me how to market and sell my book. This is key because there are probably thousands of incredible books out there that we’ve never heard of because they weren’t marketed properly. So, even if you write the greatest book in the world, in most cases, if you can’t get people to hear about it, it’s not going to allow you to accomplish your goals.

As a result of Steve Harrison’s Quantum Leap Program I received a lot of PR in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur and others. This ultimately resulted in significant sales.

I hope this helps you in thinking about whether Steve Harrison’s Quantum Leap Program is right for you. In my opinion, it’s taught by quality people, includes unique and great content, and ultimately helped me and many others become successful authors.

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