Internet Business Plan: Leverage the Strengths of the Web

Internet businesses are in a crowded field, and one where the most successful businesses tend to naturally dominate their fields. This is due to the value users put in networks. The more users a given website has, the more it can attract additional users, assuming it has a valuable service (consider the meteoric rise in Twitter users). Rather than considering the competition that the entrenched behemoth sites offer, think of each as a potential partner in your business’s success, so long as you don’t try to fight them head-on.


Google is a perfect example of a site that is both your friend and enemy as an internet business. With Google Adwords you can pay for your ad to come up for keywords you choose and with Google Adsense you can place advertising on your site for quick revenue without needing an ad sales department of your own. However, it may be frustrating to see how long it takes your site to rise in Google’s search rankings for keywords, even if you feel your content and products are perfect for them. Try out Adwords to see how cost-effectively it drives leads to your website. Make use of all of the tools and guides Google offers to make the most of your Adwords campaigns.


When it comes to creating communities around your business, generating word-of-mouth between customers, and encouraging referrals, Facebook is the go-to website. Creating a page on Facebook can be a start, as long as this becomes a portal to either drive users to your site or to build your brand, and not an end in itself. Advertising on Facebook can take advantage of a potential market of savvy internet users who spend more time on the web than the average consumer. Creating a Facebook application to be forwarded around between friends and publicize your end product or service is a third option.

Ebay and Amazon

The twin kings of internet retail, Ebay and Amazon are daunting competitors for anyone entering the e-commerce business. However, both sites offer ways to third-party sellers to take advantage of their extensive platforms and built-in customer bases to sell items. Consider how you can become an affiliate and find buyers for your products through these sites, as long as you have a long-term strategy for how to earn the loyalty of those customers, cutting out the middlemen at a later date if possible.

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