How to Start a Hair Salon

To start a hair salon, creating a business plan and raising the money you will need to launch are prerequisites, of course. In addition, thinking ahead about how the business will run in these ways will help you make better decisions before your launch. Remember, there is no shortage of importance placed on salon business plans. Be sure you’re ready before you jump in.

Employees Who Will Make Customers Into Clients

Cutting and styling hair is a very personal service for many women and a growing amount of men. These customers often develop personal relationships with their stylists. Starting as a small operation, you will most likely need employees who will build these relationships and make your customers into clients who value their connection with the stylist.

When hiring, look first for experience and a track record of having an ongoing client base. Also, look beyond technical skill to social qualities which will make customers want to keep returning to this person. And because you’d like to keep the employee with you for the long haul, look for those who are less likely to quit. Your new hires should be relatively settled in the area and in their lives. They should be satisfied with the salary and other incentives you can offer them to stay.

Space and Capacity Decisions

The amount of space that you need flows from the service capacity you want for your salon. Be careful to not have too many extra stations and stylists waiting around or to lose too many customers due to long wait times or filled appointment schedules. Extra stations mean you overspent on equipment and on real estate, but turning away customers will have you kicking yourself for not getting a larger space or designing the space more efficiently. Remember that you cannot control the flow of traffic entirely as not all customers will make appointments ahead of time. Customers will have to wait sometimes and you will have idle capacity at other times. Projecting the right number of stylist stations is a gamble, but one that is the first step for all of your other financial projections of cost and revenue.

Hair Care Products

Start choosing products you would like to use in your salon early to build relationships with the distributors of those products. Ideally, you can sell the products that your stylists use in order to cut down on your supply cost and to create an additional revenue stream for the salon. You may want to work with your top stylists to choose these products, as they will be the best salespeople for products they believe in. Also, consider that customers will be more interested in your salon’s expert guidance on these products than in making their own choices from a vast array of products. The choices they have should be relatively straightforward depending on the type of product they want, their type of hair, and their budget.

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How to Start a Hair Salon
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