How Much Does a Cleaning Service Business Make?

Written by Dave Lavinsky

how much does cleaning business makes

Are you considering diving into the cleaning industry? It’s a vibrant sector with ample opportunities for entrepreneurs. This article will uncover the potential earnings and profits you can expect from starting a cleaning service business. Crafting a solid cleaning service business plan is essential to maximize your success. Let’s explore what it takes to clean up in this lucrative market!

How Much Does a Cleaning Service Business Make?

Explore the revenue potential and profitability of a cleaning service business, from residential to commercial opportunities, and learn strategies for scaling and diversification.

Revenue Potential in the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry offers a wide range of opportunities, from residential homes to commercial buildings, and the revenue potential varies accordingly. For small startups, the focus is often on residential cleaning, which can provide a steady income as more people outsource their house cleaning to professionals. A typical residential cleaning service can charge between $75 to $125 per house, depending on the size and level of cleaning required.

For those venturing into commercial cleaning, the stakes are higher but so are the earnings. Commercial cleaners can secure contracts ranging from small office buildings to large facilities like hospitals and schools. These contracts can be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the facility and the specifics of the services provided.

Average Profitability of Cleaning Service Businesses in the United States

Understanding the profitability of a cleaning business is crucial. On average, the profit margin in the cleaning sector ranges from 10% to 28%. This variance depends on various factors, including business model, operational efficiency, and client type, as well as the initial cleaning business startup costs.

  1. Operational Efficiency:

    Lower operational costs translate to higher profitability. This can be achieved by using cost-effective cleaning supplies, managing travel times between jobs to save on fuel, and employing reliable and efficient staff.

  2. Client Retention:

    Businesses that manage to secure long-term contracts or repeat customers can achieve higher profit margins. This stability allows for better planning and resource allocation, reducing the overhead costs per job.

  3. Value-added Services:

    Offering specialized cleaning services such as eco-friendly cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, or sanitation services can attract higher-paying clients. These services often carry higher profit margins than regular cleaning tasks.

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Scaling and Diversification

To increase earnings, many cleaning businesses explore scaling and diversification. Here are a few strategies:

  1. Scaling Geographically:

    Expanding service areas to cover more neighborhoods or even cities can significantly increase the customer base.

  2. Franchising:

    Some successful cleaning businesses opt to franchise their business model, allowing them to grow their brand while earning royalties from their franchisees.

  3. Diversifying Services:

    Adding additional services such as landscaping, pest control, or handyman services can provide more comprehensive solutions to clients and increase the average job value.

Case Studies and Success Stories

It’s helpful to look at successful cleaning businesses to understand what contributes to their high earnings. Many successful entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry focus on exceptional customer service, effective marketing strategies, and robust employee training programs to ensure high-quality service while effectively managing the monthly expenses of a cleaning business.


Starting a cleaning service business can be a profitable venture with the potential for significant earnings, especially when the business is scaled effectively. With the right strategies in place, from efficient operations to strategic scaling and diversification, your cleaning business can not only succeed but thrive in the competitive market. Whether you’re targeting residential homes or corporate offices, the cleaning industry holds a promising future for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to make their mark.

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