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How to Create a Business Plan in Days, Not Weeks

Compile a Comprehensive Outline

To begin with, outline all the sections of a traditional business plan: Company Overview, Industry Analysis, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, and Financial Plan. Then outline the Executive Summary which should highlight: a market need, unique products and services, a sustainable industry, a large and growing market, strong value propositions, an experienced management team and realistic financial projections. NOTE: It is important, when you learn how to build a business plan that you pay attention to specific parts of your business plan that will get the most attention.

Once you have listed out each section of the business plan and executive summary, create sub-headings of exactly what information needs to be put into each section. To elaborate and create content around each section, add in another row of sub-headings with pertinent questions. These questions have to be comprehensive so as to fully develop each section of the business plan.

Brainstorming Session

Whether you are compiling a business plan on your own or with a management team, you must coordinate a session to sit down and brainstorm about the business. Set an agenda for the session. Remember, the better you plan out the agenda, the better the outcome will be. The objective of the brainstorming session is to fill in any gaps that may exist in the current business idea and flesh these out to the best of your capabilities.

The outline that you compiled previous to the meeting will act as the conversation stimulator to help develop the strategy behind the business. As long as you keep a strict agenda and follow the outline section-by-section, you will find that the brainstorming session will be highly productive and really streamline the business plan process.

Gain Access to Pertinent Research Reports

In today’s search engine enhanced world, accessing relevant information and data is much easier and much of it is free. Although the data and information you gather on search engines is free, when it comes to finding the most complete, up-to-date research regarding your Company’s industry and market, it may be extremely difficult to find or piece together the information that you need. Additionally, this process can be extremely time consuming.

So if you are serious about your business and want to have the most impactful business plan then you should definitely consider purchasing a market research report or hiring a market research firm. Although this can increase expenses, it will save you a tremendous amount of time and make your business plan much more valuable.

Set a Strict Schedule

Open your calendar of choice and set a strict schedule. The most efficient way to write a business plan is to stay focused, which means blocking out quantities of time to write each section. Make sure to reference your outline and brainstorming material as you go along. For example, block out 4 hours for competitive analysis and then take 30-60 minute break. Then block out another 4 hour time slot for the industry and market sections. So on and so forth for each section.

Typically, a complete business plan can be written in 25-30 hours, which if you work on it for 8 hours per day, you should be able to finish in four days. Then make sure to set-aside some time for revisions, especially if you have management team opinions to take into consideration.

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