Gas Station Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Gas Station Marketing Plan

Traditionally, a marketing plan includes the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. For a Gas Station Business Plan, your marketing plan should include the following:

Product: in the product section you should reiterate the type of gas station that you documented in your Company Analysis. Then, detail the specific products you will be offering. For example, in addition to gas, will you provide car washes, repairs, auto accessories and/or food items?

Price: Document the prices you will offer and how they compare to your competitors. Essentially in the product and price sub-sections of your marketing plan, you are presenting the services you offer and their prices.

Place: Place refers to the location of your gas station business. Document your location and mention how the location will impact your success. For example, is your gas station business located near downtown office buildings, etc. Discuss how your location might provide a steady stream of customers.

Promotions: the final part of your gas station business’s marketing plan is the promotions section. Here you will document how you will drive customers to your location(s). The following are some promotional methods you might consider:

  • Advertising in local papers and magazines
  • Commuter advertising
  • Flyers
  • Social media marketing
  • Local radio advertising