Helpful Business Plan & Capital Raising Downloads

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Below please find free reports to help you complete your business plan and raise capital to start or grow your business.

Business Plan Guide

Growthink’s Business Plan Guide shows how to prove the feasibility of your venture, layout your business strategy, and how to prepare your plan to convince investors that your company is right for them.

The Guide highlights each of the key sections of the business plan and how to complete them. It identifies key factors to include in your business plan such as highlighting past accomplishments, proving barriers to entry and showing a clear understanding of customer needs.

Sell Your Business at the Highest Price

Growthink’s Sell Your Business at the Highest Price guide gives you simple, proven strategies for getting the maximum price for your business. You’ll discover six proven strategies we have successfully used with our clients. These strategies have allowed our clients to sell much more quickly and at much higher prices than others in their industries.

Growthink’s 9 “Deadly” Capital Raising Mistakes

Growthink’s 9 “Deadly” Capital Raising Mistakes report identifies the top mistakes to avoid when raising funding for your business.

Capital is the fuel that allows businesses to grow. Without capital, businesses fail. With capital, early stage companies can begin to grow, and mature companies can achieve even greater scale. As such, you don’t want to make any mistakes when raising capital for your venture.

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