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Business Plan Services: How to Choose

When you set out to choose a business plan writer or consulting firm to develop your business plan, take into account these tips:

Not Just Dollar Price

Don’t make the mistake of evaluating business plan writers simply on the dollar price they give. Although you may feel your company is cash-strapped in its pre-funding stage, your chances of success later on will increase dramatically with a plan written by a qualified expert. If you don’t know how a business plan should look or what each section must achieve, you need much more help than a low-cost copy writer can offer. Also, a quality writer will know that the amount of work required will depend in great part on the level of research completed to date by the entrepreneur an won’t quote prices until knowing that.

Writing Quality

Ask for samples of previous writing to judge the quality of the individual or firm’s writing. Writing should be clear, concise, and free of any typos, spelling, or grammar errors. A writer should be able to provide you with example sections of another business plan they’ve created, even if names and proprietary information must be edited to do so. If they are to create financial models as well, make sure to ask for samples of these as well.

Previous Success

Ideally, an experienced business plan writer or consultant can point out their track record of success in terms of dollars of funding achieved by their clients or businesses successfully launched. It is important to look at the rate of success rather than simply a few stories of extraordinary success.


The writer or consultant should be able to provide references of past clients who were happy enough to recommend his or her work, regardless of the business outcome. Often, a business fails to launch through no fault of the business plan writer.

Collaborative Process

The writer should have their own sense of what type of collaborative process works well. This should include initial interviews with the client, a research phase, and then checkpoints where they provide drafts or versions of the plan for discussion. Beware of a writer who simply tells the client that they’re happy to work in any way that the client prefers. This is indicative of someone who is not aware of the effect that a proper process can have on the success of the plan.

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