Business Plan Conclusion: Summary & Recap

Written by Dave Lavinsky

solid business plan conclusion

You’ve written your business plan, but now you want to wrap it up to make a lasting impact on your reader. In this article, we will define the conclusion to a business plan as well as provide some tips to help you attract and seal the deal with potential investors and lenders.

What is a Business Plan Conclusion?

This business plan conclusion is a concise summary and recap of all of the components of a business plan, but especially the executive summary. It summarizes your business plan in 2-3 paragraphs, with an emphasis on the most important points.

Is the Business Conclusion Necessary?

It’s good practice for business plans, but not always necessary to be successful in obtaining funding.

If you have a stellar executive summary, it may be unnecessary.

If the business conclusion is written well enough, it can serve as an executive summary of sorts – a short recap that provides more detail than the business plan as a whole, but only includes the most important points. It could also serve as an executive summary that is more concise than an actual executive summary.

How To Write a Conclusion for Your Business Plan

The conclusion of your business plan is the last thing people read before deciding to invest in you and your business, so it needs to make a lasting impression.

Determine Location

think about your audience

Depending on your intended audience, there are two common places for the conclusion. If your plan is meant for internal purposes, you may have the conclusion at the end of the entire document. However, if you are seeking funds from investors, you want to place the conclusion at the end of the Executive Summary, increasing the chances that it is actually read.


Review & Concisely Recap 

conclusion reviews key points from the executive summaryThe conclusion should be an even more concise version of your business plan executive summary. Pick the top 3-5 points from your executive summary that may best persuade an investor to provide you with the money your company needs to succeed. Depending on if you are starting a new business or requesting money to grow an existing business, the important information needed in the conclusion may differ.

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Startups might include the following information:

  • Funding requirements
  • Service or benefit to the investor
  • Target market and audience
  • How products or services solve the target market’s problem
  • Marketing strategy
  • Competitive advantage
  • Management team experience
  • Financial projections
  • Launch plan

Established businesses might include information in their conclusions such as:

  • Mission statement
  • Company’s history
  • Products and/or services
  • Historical growth data
  • Financial summary
  • Company’s goals
  • Funding requirements

Summarize the 3-5 points in a couple of paragraphs. You don’t need to summarize everything that happened in your business plan, just the most important points of the business plan.


Support Your Claims with Stats and/or Visuals

company’s profitable revenue modelUse statistics, facts, and figures from your market research to support the claims and projections included in your conclusion. This type of evidence is more valuable, especially to investors. If the information is better received visually, you may include graphs, charts, or other visuals in your conclusion to support the written information.4


Establish a Call-To-Action (CTA)

acquire funds for lucrative returnsProvide the reader with a call to action or their next steps, especially if you are requesting funds from an investor. Explain what they can do to support your company’s goals.


Proofread & Spell-Check

grammar and tone carefully consideredMake sure that all content in your conclusion has been thoroughly proofread for spelling errors or any other problems, as these can turn readers off.

The conclusion needs to give your readers a sense of closure by wrapping up all loose ends while making your last pitch effort to obtain the money your business may need.

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Business Plan Conclusion Example

Use this conclusion example to help you with how to end a business plan, but keep in mind to make it relevant to your target audience, industry, and funding requirements:

Expanding into the Seattle metro area will allow Skyridge to provide its cutting-edge technology to more people who need it. Purchasing the fabrication plant in Seattle allows us to produce all of our products in-house and in one location, delivering them promptly and efficiently to the northwestern region.

We have the power to change the way people use technology, and we want [Investor’s Name] to be a part of it. By investing in Skyridge’s growth, [Investor’s Name] will benefit in the following ways:

  • Inclusion with a startup that has seen XXX% growth over the past X years and our company’s management team with XX years of experience in the technology industry
  • Contribution to Seattle’s economic growth and its citizens’ access to technology that enhances their lives
  • Participation in company planning meetings and receive an XX% share in all profits earned

We can add to the number of lives Skyridge’s technologies impact, generate more job opportunities in the region, and alter the technology sector if we work together. If you agree with our vision for a better future for everyone, join us.


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