Best Registered Agent Services 2024

Written by Dave Lavinsky

best registered agent service

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Have you recently formed a corporation or established an LLC? If so, you are probably looking for a registered agent. However, if you’re unsure who a registered agent might be or what one does, you’re in good company. 

At one time or another, we’ve been in your shoes. And, the good news is… we can help.

Let’s first tackle the questions that are probably on your mind. Then, we’ll help you find the best registered agent service to meet your company’s needs.


What is a Registered Agent? 

When a corporation or LLC is formed, the state requires that a registered agent represents your company for legal purposes in the state where your company was legally formed. A registered agent acts as the primary recipient if your company is involved in a lawsuit. 

Additionally, you’ll need a professional registered agent service to represent your company legally in every state where your company conducts business. For example, if your company is incorporated in the state of Montana, but also conducts business in New York and Illinois, you’ll need a registered agent in Montana, New York and Illinois. 

This sounds tricky, but it actually is just a matter of finding the best registered agent service that fits the needs of your company. A “registered agent” can be an individual or a company composed of several professional registered agents in states across America. 

The registered agent you choose will partially depend on whether or not your company transacts business in more than one state. If your company has business in more than one state, you’ll want to choose a company with registered agents in those states (or in all states). 


Why Do You Need a Registered Agent Service?

Now that we’ve established the role of a registered agent, let’s talk about why you need a registered agent. State laws require that a corporation or LLC has a direct contact available to receive legal documents and filings as an agent for “service of process,” meaning someone is responsible for receiving legal documents on behalf of your company. 

Now, you or one of your company executives could take on the role; however, there are two reasons why you probably wouldn’t choose to. First, a registered agent is required to collect all legal filings and documents. With a registered agent, there is a guarantee that a legal document won’t “slip through” the incoming mail without notice. Also, the name and physical address of the registered agent is a matter of public record. Most small business owners prefer to keep their private contact information out of public records.  

Here are a few of the benefits you may receive when you purchase registered agent services:

  • Free digital mail forwarding
  • Annual state report reminders
  • Scan and/or mail storage services
  • Online business services, tools & resources
  • Registered agent services in all 50 states 
  • Compliance guarantees


Top Registered Agent Services

Read on to discover the top registered agent services we’ve found through our research. We’ve listed benefits, business and legal services, customer review ratings, and the registered agent service pricing. 

1.  Northwest Excellent DIY Forms & Online Customer Service Review Rating: 4.9/5
  • Online chat & customer support team
  • Virtual office support
  • Attorney consultation services
  • Pre-filled annual state reports
  • Pricing: Customized upon initial sign-up
2. Inc Authority  Best Value & Great Customer Service  Review Rating: 4.8/5
  • Free mail scanning & forwarding
  • Free mail storage 
  • Annual state report reminders
  • Text and email notifications of legal documents
  • Pricing: 1st year free; $119 annually after 1st year
3.  ZenBusiness Business Resources: Support Services & Filings Review Rating 4.7/5
  • Registered agent services in 50 states
  • Compliance services 
  • Online account dashboard
  • Additional services: accounting, tax consulting, business advice
  • Pricing:  1st year free; $99 annually after 1st year
4.  IncFile Virtual Mail Servers, Scanning & Mail Forwarding Review Rating  4.5/5
  • Lifetime registered agent notification
  • Free mail storage 
  • Business resources & consultations
  • Email & text notifications 
  • Pricing: 1st year free: $119 annually after 1st year
5.  Rocket Lawyer Extensive Repository of Business Resources Review Rating 4.2/5
  • DIY guides for legal filings 
  • Registered agent in 50 states
  • Worry-free compliance guarantee
  • Auto mail scan and mail forwarding
  • Pricing: $149 annually


💡Did You Know?

The first registered agent was recorded in 1899, acting as the recipient of “important letters” on behalf of an unnamed state leader. No other registered agents were recorded until the early 1900s. In 2021, by contrast, there were more than 46,000 internet searches every month for qualified registered agents. 


Best Registered Agent Services

We’ve reviewed, researched and assigned ratings to registered agents in the country. In this process, we examined special services offered, pricing models that were reasonable, positive customer reviews, and additional benefits offered by each registered agent. 

While each of our highly-rated registered agents is excellent in business offerings and benefits, you will want to choose the best registered agent service that most closely conforms to the needs of your company. For example, do you anticipate legal challenges to any of your new products or innovative systems? You’ll want to engage a registered agent offering legal consultations or services. 

Also, for example, if your company will do business with a majority of states in the country, you’ll want to secure the best registered agent services with personnel in all 50 states. Look for the parameters within each company that most closely align with your company goals and priorities, particularly within important legal boundaries. 

Continue reading to discover our full research results for the best registered agent services: 

1.  Northwest

Northwest is known for online customer service support and trained Corporate Guides who assist company owners and executives with questions regarding business practices and processes. Another outstanding feature of Northwest is the “Privacy by Default” program, whereby private company data is never divulged or sold. 

Additional services by Northwest registered agent include: 

  • Customized brand support
  • Social media support 
  • Marketing tools 
  • Flexible package pricing
  • Lifetime Corporate Guide service
  • Pricing: 1st year free; Customized pricing upon request 

Northwest is known for the care taken to protect client’s sensitive information. In addition, services are crafted to meet client’s particular document needs and pricing is offered according to the services needed, rather than offering services that won’t be applicable. The very high review ratings are well-earned and we agree that Northwest is a valued partner for any company needing the services of a registered agent. 

2. Inc Authority

Inc Authority rated exceptionally high in our research for a variety of reasons: mail scanning and forwarding is offered for free, mail is stored for free, annual report reminders are emailed to clients, and customer service is 24/7. In addition, tax schedules and financial plans are offered, as well as business templates and human resource forms. 

Included in the services you’ll receive from your registered agent at Inc Authority:

  • Online customer service support
  • Free registered agent services (for 1 year)
  • Owner’s record book
  • Tax consultation and advisor package
  • Compliance protection
  • Annual state report reminders
  • Text and email notifications when legal filings are received by agent
  • Free mail scanning & forwarding
  • Pricing: 1st year free; $119 annually after 1st year

With the combined services and benefits offered by Inc Authority, your company will be covered in registered agent services. Based on customer feedback and reviews, Inc Authority was rated at 4.9 out of 5 points, and we fully agree.


3.  ZenBusiness  

The appeal of ZenBusiness was easily visible after our research into the registered agent services offered by this company. Customer reviews were highly enthusiastic, with most comments focused on the “overall business support” available at ZenBusiness. 

Some of the best features of ZenBusiness include:  

  • Registered agent services in all 50 states
  • Compliance guarantees and services
  • Online account dashboard
  • Business resources & services
  • Accounting and tax consulting
  • Pricing: 1st year free; $99 annually after 1st year

ZenBusiness offers the first year free with low annual payments after that, offering the most comprehensive registered agent coverage available (50 states), numerous business resources and ancillary services, such as tax consulting and accounting. 

It all adds up to one of the best registered agent services nationally. 


4.  IncFile  

Typically, registered agent services are not within the vicinity of the companies they serve. When a registered agent is served in a legal matter, documents are express-mailed or sent by courier to the company for follow-up. IncFile, however, offers a scan-and-email service that puts legal documents in the hands of company executives within minutes. This feature alone encourages many customers to choose IncFile as their registered agent of choice. 

IncFile also provides the following services and benefits for customers:

  • Lifetime registered agent notification
  • Free mail storage 
  • Business resources & consultations
  • Email & text notifications
  • Tax information and form templates
  • Compliance assurance
  • Reasonable pricing: 1st year free: $119 annually after 1st year

IncFile extends to their customers a truly comprehensive package of complete business coverage and registered agent services. For this reason, our reviews of IncFile are high and we recommend IncFile for providing reliable registered agent services. 


5.  Rocket Lawyer 

With the largest digital resource library of business documents and form templates, Rocket Lawyer has a reputation of being a full service provider of everything businesses need in services and capabilities. We believe this reputation is well-earned and well-deserved. 

Rocket Lawyer excels in the following services and features: 

  • DIY guides & online documents for legal filings
  • Business forms of all types
  • Accounting and bookkeeper assistance
  • Templates for personal documents, such as wills and asset lists 
  • Registered agent services in all 50 states
  • Compliance protection & guarantees
  • Auto mail scan and mail forwarding
  • Pricing: $149 annually

Rocket Lawyer offers unique value in certain services and products provided to customers. For example, in addition to professional registered agent services in 50 states, Rocket Lawyer holds a vast library of digital resources and templates for forms for business owners. For these reasons alone, we ranked Rocket Lawyer highly among other services. 


In this article, we’ve offered the results of our research of the top-performing registered agent service in the nation. The list includes companies that provide special services, such as registered agent services in all 50 states, excellent customer service, or large repositories of business documents. 

As you consider the registered agent you’ll choose, we encourage you to select the best registered agent services that suit the needs of your company, offers reasonable monthly or annual fees, and provides specialized options that complete the service you’re seeking.