Best Incorporation Services 2024

Written by Dave Lavinsky

best online incorporation services

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If you’ve been considering incorporation, but you haven’t been sure how to do it (or who to work with to get it done), you’ve arrived at exactly the right place. 

We understand your questions because we’ve been there, too. 

So, let’s get started!

The first thing you’ll enjoy knowing is that the incorporation process can be seamless and uncomplicated when you partner with a suitable incorporation service provider. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve already done your homework. 

After reviewing several business incorporation services, we’ve selected those that have the services you want and need, such as:

  • Superior business incorporation services
  • Excellent value for your money
  • Quality incorporation packages
  • Easy digital applications and forms
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Knowledgeable assistance to incorporate your business 

Continue reading to find our “Best Online Incorporation Services” list. Review the information for each, then choose the services you want. In no time, you’ll be on your way to incorporating your own company. 

Best Online Incorporation Services
Comparison Chart 

  • $39 online incorporation service & Employer Identification Number (EIN) application
  • Online chat & customer support system
  • Northwest registered agent services for one year
  • Free basic incorporation service
  • 7-days-a-week customer service available
  • Premium services at 20% discount 
  • Virtual office & incorporation package
  • Stock certificates & corporate resolutions 
  • Corporate bylaws & business legal documents
  • Free initial incorporation filings (+ state fees)
  • Business resources: DBA, taxes, dissolution, trademarking
  • Virtual mail servers and mail forwarding
My Company Works  PREMIUM BUSINESS & LEGAL SERVICES Review Rank: 4.4/5
  • Focused tracking & expedited delivery
  • Lifetime filing due date notifications
  • An interactive guide for online incorporation filing

  • Digital library: business incorporation, family and real estate forms
  • Business services & resources: logo design, branding, printed matter
  • Legal forms: wills, revocable trust forms, business incorporations
  • Non-profit incorporation filings 
  • Annual reports and associated documents
  • Free incorporation + state filings 
  • Attorney services (free and/or fee-based)
  • Incorporation documents for C, S Corp & LLC formation
  • DIY guides to online documents & filings


💡 Did You Know? 

Over 430,000 applications for incorporation were successfully filed in the U.S. last year (U.S. Census Bureau).  Why not add your successful incorporation to thousands of other satisfied business owners? 


Best Online Incorporation Service

  1. Northwest  (Highly Recommend)
  2. Inc Authority  (Highly Recommend)
  3. ZenBusiness   
  4. IncFile
  5. My Company Works
  6. LegalNature 
  7. Swyft Filings
  8. Rocket Lawyer

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best online incorporation services based on each of which offers value for the price, incorporation services beyond the basics, affordable additional services, highly-ranked customer support agents, and other important resources for starting and managing your business. 

Choose from our list of the best online incorporation services to file and receive your own company incorporation. Look for the specialty services you require and check out your favorites in this list. 

We recommend each of the services on this list; however, we invite you to explore each service to determine which resources and specialties best fit your needs.  

1. Northwest

Offering a number of specialized services, Northwest pairs the perfect duo of online customer support and specialized products and offerings. For $39 + state filing fees, you will receive incorporation, free registered agent services for one year, and outstanding customer service. 

Let’s review what you’ll receive with the Northwest $39 purchase: 

  • Incorporation services + application + filing
  • Expedited service and delivery of application package
  • Free registered agent services for one year ($125 yearly after that)
  • Protected access to your personal database information
  • Corporate Guides to assist in your incorporation choices and processes

The excellent value of this combination makes Northwest a favorite among business owners seeking the best incorporation services. Ordering can be completed over the phone or online and a wide range of additional products and services can be ordered: 

  • Graphic designed logos
  • Customized brand support
  • Digital and/or printed business cards
  • Website building and design
  • Social media support and tools

The integrity of Northwest brings a continuing flow of 5-star reviews, as customers appreciate the data protection and individual customer buying experience. And, finding the bundle or package that suits your price range will be a quick, one-stop shopping experience within the wide range of products and services available at Northwest.     


2. Inc Authority

We highly recommend Inc Authority because their large bank of services is tied to exceptional customer service. In fact, customer support is a 7-day-a-week reality at Inc Authority. When added to the range of services offered, the entire experience for you, as a growing or startup business owner, is one of ease and comfort. 

In addition to their free incorporation service (+ state fees), they offer a wide range of premium services are offered that up the game for Inc Authority. These services include startup business forms, tax schedules and financial plans, as well as contract templates, human resource forms and other easy-to-follow templates, created to make business management truly comfortable and satisfying for you. 

The Initial Package is Free. You’ll receive: 

  • Free incorporation services (+ state fee)
  • Free 7-days-a-week customer support service
  • Free registered agent service (1 year)
  • Free verified name search and confirmation

Premium Package: starting at $399 (depending on your selections)

  • All initial package products and services
  • Ownership or stock certificates
  • Owner’s record book
  • EIN or Tax ID filings
  • Initial meeting minutes
  • Tax consultation and advisor package

With all of the support and resources to be found at Inc Authority, your growing or new business will benefit greatly from these combined services and products. And, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that you have customer support just a phone call away seven days a week. 


3. ZenBusiness

The word, “Zen”, conjures up a calm and peaceful environment, which describes the easy and comfortable experience you will experience with the excellent support staff at ZenBusiness. 

Whether you are starting a business or growing your business, the services and features of ZenBusiness will support your efforts with secure and complete success. 

The focus at ZenBusiness is simply on “business”. However, not surprisingly, ZenBusiness also supports you, as the business owner, in helpful ways. With renewable application services and data protection for your company, ZenBusiness adds value to your purchase and excels at business support.

Check out some of the best features of the ZenBusiness bundles: 

Starter ZenBusiness Bundle:  (non-renewable)
  • Free incorporation  (+ state filing fees) 
  • Expense-and-deduction tracking
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
Pro ZenBusiness Bundle: (renewable annually)
  • $199 (+ state filing fee)
  •  Expedited delivery
  • Advisor-guided operating agreement
Premium ZenBusiness Bundle: (renewable annually) 
  • Overnight expedited delivery
  • Business Website
  • Domain name & email 

In addition to these products and services, ZenBusiness adds banking services, tax services and monthly accounting services. When all services are added up, the extent of offerings suggests a truly comprehensive package for complete business coverage. 


4. IncFile

IncFile is an open door to free initial incorporation filings (+ state filing fees), business resources, DBA recordings, tax information and templates, business dissolution forms and much more. Almost every aspect of business startups and management is covered within the resources of IncFile. 

User approval ratings are very high for IncFile, noting that it is a single repository for everything needed to own and/or manage a business, making tasks and responsibilities easier across the board. 

Let’s examine some of the specific services and products offered by IncFile: 

  • Free incorporation (+ state filing fees)
  • Free registered agent services for the first year
  • Order-tracking and free product shipments
  • Management tools in an easily accessible platform

Value-added features and benefits of IncFile include some of the most needed business services: 

  • EIN and tax ID applications
  • Operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements, business contracts
  • Meeting minute record books
  • Customer support before, during, and after incorporation 

Second only to banking, the most valuable assets you, as a business owner, may have can be found in your incorporation filings, your operating agreements, your NDAs and other critically important records. IncFile guarantees that you’ll have everything needed to protect your assets. 


5. My Company Works

My Company Works brings the lure of personalized service to you, as the business owner, and those who handle your bookkeeping or accounting. Intent on high-quality service, this company sees the customer first and the files and forms second. 

What brings this attitude to business owners is the fact that this is a smaller company than most within the incorporation services industry. Therefore, My Company Works does, in fact, work to satisfy every customer. It’s an effort that is well-rewarded with high satisfaction ratings and customer approvals. 

What services and products does My Company Works offer? Check out the following list: 

  • Expedited delivery with rush orders
  • Free product shipments
  • Customized meeting minutes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 

With incorporation services and these additional features, My Company Works adds up to a viable choice for business owners. 

However, there is an additional reason why you, as a business owner, may particularly choose My Company Works for your incorporation service or document, form and template provider. Here it is: 

“The Startup Wizard is like a startup checklist on steroids.” –

A unique interactive wizard helps startup companies move step-by-step into the complex business formation process, as desired. This feature alone convinces many new business owners to adopt My Company Works as the central core of a startup business. And, perhaps it’s the reason you should, too. 


6. LegalNature

LegalNature is an inclusive repository for a wide variety of forms and templates, including those of incorporation, family and personal legal documents, and real estate forms. Users give LegalNature high approval ratings because it offers a one-stop shop, holding a diverse inventory of documents needed for work and personal life. 

Let’s take a look at some of the document inventory found within LegalNature: 

  • Incorporation application forms and templates
  • Personal legal forms, such as wills, revocable trust templates, personal loan packages
  • Business dissolution forms, tax forms, EIN and Tax ID forms
  • Business resources, such as branding options, printed goods and logo designs 

This sizable digital library is appealing to customers across the board, who have given it a high approval rating and comment on the ease with which they can find needed documents in a hurry at LegalNature. Pricing is simply structured as monthly subscriptions: 

  • $39 per month for access to all documents
  • $119 per year for access to all documents

Utilized as a personal or business cache of documents, the price for admission makes this a remarkably affordable way to access all the forms, templates and documents you need. 


7. Swyft Filings

“Affordable. Fast. Simple.” is the clear motto, message and tagline for Swyft Filings. 

Employees live up to the company motto by offering fast service and responses to inquiries at Swyft Filings. Customer ratings demonstrate their approval on a consistent basis.

The company has a unique niche market presence, as demonstrated by the documents and services offered:  

  • Non-profit company incorporation filings
  • Customized annual reports and associated documents
  • Free incorporation (+ state filing fees)
  • Foreign Qualification
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Additional business offerings include: 

  • Digital corporate kits
  • Seller’s permits
  • Annual report filing
  • S Corp elections

When customers choose to incorporate through Swyft Filings, a 5-Step Process is put into place:

  1.  A thorough review is conducted by the company to determine if there are any questions about the company prior to filing. 
  2. An in-depth check of the availability of the company name is completed.
  3. Document filing is completed and notification is received.
  4. State documentation is received and noted. 
  5. A compliance report with the necessary steps is created for the client

The customers of Swyft Filings agree with the motto of this company, as the ratings are consistently high. Customers, in particular, like the 5-Step Process for incorporation, as well as the wide diversity of available documents in the digital library of Swyft Filings. 


8. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers a wide selection of documents and templates to support business and personal legal needs. From contracts and corporate bylaws to stock certificate templates and incorporation packages, almost every legal document for business or personal needs can be found within this online portal. 

In addition, Rocket Lawyer offers a premium membership package. While one-time or occasional users can utilize certain documents for a usage fee, a premium membership at the cost of $39.99 monthly allows users to access all documents, contracts, and templates for free. 

In addition to the wide repository of business and personal documents, Rocket Lawyer offers attorney services for premium members. This benefit includes attorney responses to legal questions and “Document Defense” for members who need assistance in disputes or resolutions in business or personal legal matters. 

Some of the service-related extras include: 

  • DIY guides to assist in the completion of forms
  • Contract templates that offer “fill-in-the-blank” assistance
  • Personal legal items such as wills and home assets listings   

Incorporation packages include: 

  • Certifications
  • Expedited filing time
  • Registered agent services
  • Company name verification 

Additional benefits within premium membership packages include: 

  • Lifetime customer support
  • Online order tracking 
  • Virtual office support
  • Corporate resolution templates

The satisfied premium members of Rocket Lawyers are those who enjoy knowing legal documents are readily available and, more importantly, attorney assistance is available to validate legal documents, assist with legal questions and respond on their behalf in dispute resolution. It is no surprise that customer reviews are highly-supportive of Rocket Lawyer.



After reviewing each of the best online incorporation services we’ve outlined in this article, which one should you choose? 

The answer is easy: Of course, you’ll choose the business incorporation service that most closely conforms to your needs as a startup or growing business. 

We wish you every success!