Best Business Security Systems For 2024

Written by Dave Lavinsky

best business security systems

Many of us make the assumption that one security system is just like another. And, many of us wonder if security systems really make all that much difference. After conducting research across a broad swath of various security system companies, we’re inclined to state that business security systems are absolutely essential. However, security systems can be vastly different from one another, depending on features, bundled packages and scope of support, so our research is well-timed to assist anyone who is hunting for a business security system.  

To unwrap the variables of business security systems, we conducted research to find the best providers of security systems. We looked at product reliability, support and service, flexibility and pricing structures. We read reviews and watched product demonstrations, as well. In the end, we found seven superior business security systems. 

In short, we’ve completed all the necessary research so you don’t have to.  

Whether your business is small, medium or expansively large, a performance-driving business security system is essential for the protection of your company. Check out the results of our research in the following comparison chart and then read the expanded reviews of each business security system. From there, we hope you’ll be equipped to choose the best business security system for the protection of your own company. 

Here are a few of the benefits to be found in a superior business security system: 

  • Interactive security
  • Video verification + video surveillance
  • Easy access control
  • Flexible payment systems
  • Intrusion alert via smart devices
  • Customized security solutions to fit unique challenges
  • Remote climate control functionality
  • Product experts and solution-finders

Read on to discover the best business security systems we’ve discovered through our research. We’ve listed benefits, customer review ratings, unique features and the business security system cost for a variety of available packages. 


Best Small Business Security & Camera Systems
Comparison Chart

1. ADT Highly-recognized / highly-rated 24/7 support Our Rating: 5/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • Highest-rated security system available
  • Intrusion alert & interactive security package
  • Video verification & surveillance
  • Smart door locks and keycard readers

Pricing:  (with 36-month contract)

  • Secure package:  $39.99 monthly + accessories
  • Complete package:  $49.99 monthly + accessories
  • Intrusion Package:  $52.99 monthly + accessories
2. Vivint Secure Interactive System / flexible pricing Our Rating: 4.9/5
Here’s what we liked:

  • Inventory & theft protection 
  • 24/7 professional monitoring & alarm system
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Data security

Pricing: $39.95 monthly  

  • $5 monthly per camera
  • 14-day video clips saved
  • Vivint Smart Drive: $44.95 monthly 
  • 24/7 video recording + all other features 
3. Cove Cybersecurity experts / critical threat detection Our Rating: 4.8/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • Penetration testing software
  • Self-service password management
  • Cybersecurity protection portfolio 
  • Scalable security solutions to fit business needs

Pricing: custom pricing available upon request

4. SimpliSafe WiFi system / superior remote options Our Rating: 4.7/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • “Fast-Protect” technology
  • Live monitoring with threat verification 
  • Easy hardware installation 
  • App for remote operations 


Beacon package – $419.94 + $99 professional installation (inclusive) with hardware: 

  • 2 security cameras
  • 2 monitor sensors
  • 24/7 monitoring service
  • 1 base 
  • 1 keypad
  • 2 outdoor cameras
  • 4 entry sensors 
5. Frontpoint Excellent security hardware with reasonable pricing Our Rating: 4.6/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • Small business protection
  • WiFi packages for indoor/outdoor protection 
  • Defense kit and sensor package
  • Hub & keypad controls


Starter Pack:  $129. (inclusive)

  • App access
  • Hub & keypad
  • Door & window access protection

Home Shield:  $269. (inclusive) 

  • Motion sensors
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Smoke/heat sensors
  • Defense kit 

Lookout:  $349. (inclusive) 

  • Remote keychain 
  • Door camera
  • Defense kit
  • Motion sensors
  • Allstate Identity Protection
6. blue by ADT WiFi DIY security system  / choice of add-on products Our Rating: 4.5/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • Perfect small business security system for startup business 
  • Completely wireless with easy security system setup
  • ADT name & recognition 
  • Packages offer add-on customized features


Secure Wireless Package:  $45.99 (inclusive) 

  • Touchpad & sensors + accessories

Smart Security Wireless Package:  $200. (approximately)

  • Touchpad & sensors + accessories
  • Video monitoring protection 
7. Scout DIY sensor monitoring system / 24 hour backup protection Our Rating: 4.5/5
Here’s what we liked: 

  • Easy DIY installation of sensors throughout office or home 
  • Wifi-based with cloud storage
  • Hub with cellular & battery backup
  • Open/close sensors


  • Small Launch: $299 + accessories 
  • Large Launch: $319 + accessories 


💡Did You Know? 

A prison study in North Carolina in 2017 surveyed burglars of homes and small businesses. Over 84% of those surveyed admitted that they would not approach a building or home with a security system installed on the premises. 


Best Security Systems For Small Businesses
Our Ratings

Rating Company Name
5/5 ADT
4.9/5 Vivint
4.8/5 Cove
4.7/5 SimpliSafe
4.6/5 Frontpoint
4.5/5 blue by ADT
4.5/5 Scout


In the following extended review for each of the best business security systems, you will find the highlights of each company, along with any specialties of the systems. For example, the emphasis of Cove is in providing cybersecurity on a number of intensive levels, while the purpose of Vivint is to provide various environmental controls throughout the business location. 

Some of the companies we researched, such as Frontpoint and blue by ADT, focus on small business or family home protection, with wireless security components as the axis of their offerings. We trust you will find the best business security system that best fits the needs of your business within the following extended descriptions and specifics of each company. 


Best Security Systems For Small Businesses
In Detail

Here are our full research reports for the Best Business Security Systems as of January 2023.

1. ADT

The most highly-respected and well-known security systems have been developed by ADT. For many years, this company has been at the forefront of the security business and the products offered and services extended confirm the reputation of the company. We highly recommend ADT for the following reasons: 

  • Extensive security options, including physical access control and cybersecurity data protection.
  • Video surveillance and video verification
  • Customized systems for small and large entities
  • Monitors, door and window sensors and glass break sensors and notifications
  • Video storage via cloud storage or IT hardware
  • System controls: climate, smart plugs, lighting, arm and disarm features

In addition to the wide variety of options in this list, customers can also choose security protection against fire and flood damage, along with door-and-window damage coverage. Monitoring can be in the form of a video or in the use of smart locks, keycard readers, intercoms and other hardware protections. Systems monitoring at ADT continues 24/7, where assistance from an expert is always available via email, phone or chat. 

Insurance companies often rebate losses or a portion of the deductible back to their customers when an intrusion occurs while the ADT system is turned on and in good condition. The pricing packages are reasonably priced and fully support the budget of a small business or a startup with limited funds available.  And, finally, in an interesting incentive, ADT offers customers a full year of free vidoe monitoring for a testimony of how the ADT system deterred an attempted intrusion in a home or business.


2. Vivint 

Vivint is as much focused on internal security protection as it is on protections from external  and environmental threats. With inventory protection, monitors that ensure employees are productive and proper inventory storage controls, Vivint comes to the aid of any business either experiencing or working to prevent internal loss.  Services include: 

  • Outdoor and indoor security cameras
  • Vivint app to start or stop protections as needed
  • Notification of deliveries & walk-ins
  • Thief deterrence with lights & sound
  • Two-way voice and camera monitors 
  • Expert 24/7 service and support

In addition, Vivint offers packages at a monthly rate with an emphasis on internal monitoring, security sensors, glass break detectors, and door security cameras. Vivint provides security cameras with 180 x 180-degree views, one-way video recorders and professional installation. For large businesses, Vivint also offers customized package pricing.


3. Cove by Fortra

The emphasis at Cove is on cybersecurity and external threat detection. If your business would be strengthened and better protected by this type of security system, you’ll want to consider Cove as the premier provider within cybersecurity security systems. In addition to many of the basic security features, Cove also offers: 

  • Penetration testing software
  • Security consulting services
  • Privileged access management
  • Scalable security solutions for enterprise companies
  • Critical threat detection 
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Identity governance

One of the most compelling reasons to become a Cove client is the 94% retention rate of Cove clients overall. This speaks to the professionalism and expertise of Cove staff members, as well as the videos, demos and guides that are available for Cove clients. 


4. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe exists for those business owners or managers who prefer to use an app or other remote device to turn on or off protection devices. SimpliSafe offers a variety of hardware choices that align with interactive platforms, allowing business managers or owners to leave the desk behind to monitor a security and protection system while on the move. Distinctive features include: 

  • No installation needed
  • Base station is provided at no charge, along with backup batteries
  • Keypad offers “Touch-to-Wake” option 
  • SimpliSafe does not detect the motion of pets, meaning invalid alerts will not be issued

SimpliSafe offers smart, dedicated service and packages for busy executives and homeowners alike. Their no-nonsense products carry clear instructions, ship with extra batteries and, most importantly, get the job done. This security system is definitely one to consider.


5. Frontpoint

If you are looking for small business protection, Frontpoint offers an excellent choice of devices and wifi-driven accessories for your everyday use. Frontpoint is directed to the homeowner in addition to the small business owner in the variety of hardware options and accompanying app to drive each component of the system. Features include: 

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Hub and keypad with wifi connection to the app 
  • Door and window protection 
  • Smoke detectors and heat sensors
  • Defense Kit with owner’s startup package 
  • Allstate Identity Protection 

All of the above features say “ease-of-use” in significant ways, particularly with a connected hub, keypad and app. This takes the business owner or manager out of the office and allows freedom of movement while monitoring the protection levels within the building. This wifi-led security system is made for small businesses or homes; either way, we say it’s a blue-ribbon winner. 


6. blue by ADT

In answer to the competition among several security system companies for the homeowner security business, ADT decided to unleash blu, a forward-looking and fun system. Some of the enjoyable features include: 

  • Business or home offers with reasonable monthly fees 
  • DIY installation with step-by-step guidance 
  • Completely wireless system carries a small IT footprint for ease-of-use 
  • Motion sensors and touchpad are included with each bundled package 

blue by ADT has surely entered in the competition for small business security systems with the accessibility and flexibility of the keypad and monitoring sensors that connect with the app. And, with the ADT name behind it, blue owns a strong reputation and level of trust that follows this engaging security system. 


7. Scout 

Scout originated in the country of Australia, where motion sensors are often secured to door jams to deter both thieves and curious animals from coming through the door. 

Features include: 

  • Motion sensors both inside and out 
  • Customized protection 
  • HD security cameras 
  • Cellular and battery backups

If you like an easy DIY installation process and simple sensors with a hub and HD security cameras, this system is for you. Pricing starts at reasonable rates and increases as components are added for extra protection or alerts. Both smoke and fire protection are included in this security system, as well. If you own a small business or a home, you’ll want to look into the features and benefits of this very smart security system. 



After examining each of the best business security systems we’ve researched, our hope is that you will find one that meets the needs of your company in all areas of protection and coverage. 

After all, the hefty benefits of using a security system far outweigh the potential consequences of ignoring the need for a business security system. We want your business to be one the thief or burglar completely ignores. And, we wish you every success in your search!