Bakery Business Plan Company Overview

Bakery Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Company Overview

This section of your bakery business plan provides a comprehensive look at the company’s history. Include details on your bakery’s legal structure, founding, location, and current business stage, as well as your past accomplishments and unique qualifications. Clearly explain anything that makes you a strong competitor in this market, such as existing contracts with retailers, a head baker with impressive restaurant credentials, or exclusive access to award-winning recipes.

In this section you should also give an overview of the type of bakery you operate or will operate in the future.

For example, do or will you operate a:

  1. Traditional bakery (selling breads, biscuits etc.)
  2. Commercial bakery
  3. Bakery specializing in cakes and pies
  4. Bakery specializing in wedding cakes
  5. Café/bakery selling snacks and sandwiches
  6. Doughnut shop
  7. Pastry shop
  8. Food truck selling bakery products
  9. Home Bakery