12/20/2021 Tip: Boost Accountability & Boost Results

Today’s Quote

“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.”
~ Phil Knight


Today’s Tip

Research indicates that rather than being a negative force, holding people accountable for their actions and results has very positive effects on morale and performance.

Here are some ways to boost accountability in your company:

  1. Create accountability standards for yourself. What happens if you don’t complete a task? Do you force yourself to stay late to do it? Or are there no immediate consequences? Figure out how to reward yourself for being fully accountable, and likewise give yourself some sort of penalty when you are not.
  2. Ambiguity is the enemy of accountability; so your first step as the manager of your employees is to make sure they have very clearly defined roles, job descriptions, and duties.
  3. Do you have written expectations of your employees? Starting at the time of hire, if possible, create written expectations and standards of performance for each employee. You cannot expect something from someone who has not had the opportunity to buy into the expectation.
  4. Do your employees have training? You cannot hold someone accountable to something they have not been trained to do.
  5. Are there real consequences for lack of accountability in your organization? Consequences work best when spelled out before actually needed, in expectations for example.

Without accountability, no one knows the goal or who is supposed to do what. There’s no way of knowing what’s going on, so things don’t get done (surprise, surprise). Without the right accountability, you will create an environment of low productivity and high turnover.


Today’s Resource

Are You Working Too Hard? 

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Today’s Question: Who, in 1879 was superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitarium which practiced ‘biologic living’ and ‘natural medicine’? He was a well-known surgeon, and in the 1890s he and his brother developed a dry wheat flake that would soon become a popular breakfast cereal?

Previous Question: One of the leading online stores is eBay, selling almost everything from pencils to computers. Who started eBay in 1995?

Previous Answer:  Pierre Morad Omidyar.

John Donahoe became eBay’s CEO in 2008 followed by Meg Whitman. But the company was started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, a French-born Iranian programmer. 

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