The 30/70 Rule of Failure


A great baseball player will get out 70% of the time.

A great venture capital firm will fund companies which fail 70% of the time.

So what does this mean? It means that failure IS an option. If we are not prepared to fail, then we will never take chances; we will never try new things; we will never launch new ventures.

While we shouldn't plan for failure, and we should constantly focus on success, we need not be afraid of failure. Conversely, we should embrace the lessons that failure offers us - why did we fail? what can we do differently next time?


What is Blik?


A few months ago I bought some Blik for our conference room.

So, what is Blik? Blik surface graphics are oversized, geometric decals that allow anyone to quickly and easily create custom wallscapes in no time. The decals are self- adhesive and removable, so your blank walls have no excuse to be bare.

We went with the multi-colored dancers pictured to the left.


The $4 Cup of Coffee and Market Research


Today I was listening to the summary of the book Break From the Pack by Oren Harari. In the book, which dicusses how companies can excel over competitors, Harari explains that companies must make leaps that go beyond traditional thinking.

He exclaims, "who would have thought people would wait on line to pay $4 for a Starbucks coffee from a paper cup." This started me thinking about entrepreneurial market research. I'm sure that if Starbucks conducted a market research study years ago asking if people would pay $4 for a cup of coffee, they would have balked.




It's always fun to mix the word "entrepreneur" with another word to focus on entrepreneurship in that area. As today is Halloween, I decided to see if I could write an article on Hallowpreneurs, or entrepreneurs focusing on Halloween.

I assumed that in today's society, where new ideas, products and services are constantly being conceived, that someone would be making advancements in Halloween costumes, events, candies, etc.


VC investments in Web 2.0 companies booming


I just read this post from Venture Beat. In summary, venture capital investments into “Web 2.0” Internet companies this year are on track to double last year’s levels to about $500 million.

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