Is it a Cost or Investment? Answering this Right is Crucial



Two Words from Jeff Bezos that Can Transform Your Business


Last week, Jeff Bezos, in his annual letter to Amazon shareholders, listed many of the company’s incredible successes. 


Overcome Business Stasis [or Pay the Price]


A good friend of mine runs an IT consulting business. 

From the outside, it seems successful. He has solid revenues and marquee clients. 


Adapt or Die


Last week I wrote about Amazon.

And whether it is a company that we should love or hate.

My ultimate conclusion was that while it is an interesting debate, for almost all small companies it is an irrelevant one, too.


Should We All Hate Amazon?


Amazon is usually in the news for being a company that customers love.

Because of its low prices, vast selection and fast shipping. 


What We All Can Learn from Wayne Huizenga


Under-reported last week was the passing of Wayne Huizenga, one of the truly great entrepreneurs of the last 50 years.


Choose Wisely. Win Big.


Great executives and great entrepreneurs make great choices.

About everything.


Attaining Competitive Advantage in Any Business


An underrated joy of being in business is the daily opportunity it offers to strive for and experience breakthroughs in "that best version of ourselves."


What Tesla and Playdoh Do that Your Business Should Too


Growing wider every day is the divide between companies that “get it” when it comes to modern marketing and business promotion...

...and those that don’t. 


The CEO Trap (Avoid This)


Unfortunately, most things don't work in business.

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