Ideas to Grow Your Business

Are Tough Times Coming?

Recent turbulence in the financial markets has raised fears that the end might be near for the long bull market and these high confidence economic

Working Hard vs. Getting Rich

In business, there are things that put dollars in our pocket today. And then there are things that have the potential to put a lot

What to Do About Bad Government

The dysfunction of our federal government risks derailing these great markets and economic conditions. What can and should businesspeople (regardless of their political views), concerned

Lousy Businesses Rejoice

Financial markets continue to roll, and business & consumer confidence are at levels not seen since the 1990s, including: With the S&P 500 climbing more

Business Lessons from Wolfgang Puck

For a recent wedding anniversary, I took my wife to Spago Beverly Hills, one of Wolfgang Puck’s most renowned restaurants. We enjoyed an excellent meal

Guess How Old I am Today?

Today is a milestone birthday for me.   I won’t say which one, but let’s just say that some of my fondest childhood memories revolve

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