Ideas to Grow Your Business

Working Hard vs. Getting Rich

In business, there are things that put dollars in our pocket today. And then there are things that have the potential to put a lot

What Great Marketing Companies Do

One of the most important business leadership responsibilities is making “the new” happen in the marketing of our companies. As in, the company’s brand –

The “Too Early” Objection

Probably the top objection that smaller companies hear when raising money is… …“you’re too early.” As in the business’ current financial performance is just… ….not

How to Sell a Lousy Business

For the most part, the value of a business is based on its financial performance. Yet very many businesses with mediocre to downright poor numbers

Opportunities vs. Passing Fancies

It can seem hard to tell the difference between those business opportunities that are truly great… …and those that are just passing fancies. Luckily, to

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