12/29/2021 Tip: Are You a Stealth Manager?

Today’s Quote

“Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.”
~ Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner


Today’s Tip

“Stealth managers” are managers that keep to themselves and don’t make their presence known.

The result of this terrible management style is that employees are not inspired. They are not motivated. And they lack a clear vision of what the organization is trying to achieve.

All this results in lackluster performance.

Stealth management doesn’t work. Effective leaders and managers walk around and speak to their employees. They listen to them. They inspire them. Because effective leaders know that it’s the employees who make or break their companies. They (the leaders) are the conductors of the orchestra — without the players (the employees), there is no music.

Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to quickly break out of the “stealth manager” mode (and make your team more productive).

  1. Walk around the office
  2. Simply walk around to see what everyone is up to. Don’t make it seem like you’re Big Brother checking up on them. But rather, be very casual about it (the next points will give you some talking points to help with this). (This can be done virtually with video chat/conferencing).

  3. Ask people what they are working on
  4. Ask people what they are working on, and then really listen to their answers. Ask them why they are completing a task a certain way, and as appropriate, suggest another way they may accomplish it. Not only will they appreciate this mentorship, but you could improve their performance.

  5. Tell someone/several people they’re doing a good job
  6. Tell at least one person that they’re doing a good job. Let them know you found real value in something they accomplished recently.

  7. Buy cookies
  8. I don’t know many people who don’t like cookies. Come back from lunch with cookies, and either hand them out or put them in a main area. In either case, let everyone know that you bought them “just because.” Even those on a diet who refrain from eating them will appreciate the gesture. (This can be done virtually with $5 Starbucks gift cards sent via email).

  9. Picture each of your team members as they looked when they were toddlers
  10. This will force you to smile when you see them (in person or on camera). And that smile alone may brighten their day.

Great companies are not built by one entrepreneur. They are built by entrepreneurs who inspire their employees to accomplish great things. Make sure you keep this top-of-mind, since if your employees don’t succeed, neither can you.


Today’s Resource

Check out The Leadership Blueprint

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Today’s Question: What is the name of the popular pinboard-style photo-sharing website that launched in 2010?

Previous Question: Where did XEROX Corporation get its name?

Previous Answer:   Xerox is a shortened form of the word Xerography.

Xerography is the name of the process that was invented in 1938 by Chester Carlson and developed by the Haloid Company into the first fully automatic plain paper copier, the Xerox 914, in 1959. Xerography is a modern word developed from two Greek roots meaning “dry writing.”

Shortly after releasing the Xerox 914, The Haloid Company began a transition to a new name, Xerox Corporation. The name Xerox was taken from the term Xerography, and shortened using the model of the name of Kodak, the other large technology company in Rochester, NY at the time.


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