Our Company Culture

At Growthink, our people and their enthusiasm make all the difference.

  • We Do The Right Thing. Everyday and Always. We embrace our company mission, our values, and our client promises. We channel the great words of Benjamin Franklin and recognize that it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. To our consciences above all else we always remain true.
  • We Are Happy Warriors and We Have Fun. We engage our work with happy, can – do attitudes. We communicate candidly, pleasantly, and respectfully with each other, with our clients, and with the world. And we have fun! Because Dr. Seuss says that fun is good and because the wise know that of course it is the journey as much as the destination that counts.
  • We Work Hard. We recognize that hard work is both a high virtue and is central to fulfilling our mission. It is a high virtue as it touches and inspires our peers, our clients, our communities, and as it honors the great blessings, privileges, and prosperity of our work and our world. And it is central to the fulfillment of our mission as we – like our clients – should, do and must  work long and hard to succeed.
  • We Recognize the Power of Team. All Growthinkers are diminished by the absence of even one. We respect each other with prompt, regular, and contributory attendance – in our offices, on company and team calls and meetings, and through responding to all internal documentation and information exchange requests promptly and gladly.
  • For Growthinkers, Goals are Dreams with Deadlines. We recognize that modern business is about focus, choices, and measurement. Growthink is not nor desires to be a micro – managed environment. Rather, we work together to find the right balance between “stretch goals” and firm accountability with ourselves and with each other to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual activities and accomplishments.
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