CRV Equity Calculator              
  Amount Loaned by CRV:  
  Interest Rate  
  Months Until Series A   Investment Results  
  CRV Equity Discount Rate    
  Loan Balance at Series A   Cash Payouts    
        Payout to Management Team      
  Amount of Series A Stock that CRV Gets   Payout to CRV      
        Payout to Other Series A (not CRV) Investors  
  Series A Financing Amount   Payout to Series B Investors  
        Payout to Series C Investors  
  Percent of Series A Round Funded by CRV (up to 50%)   Payout to Series D Investors  
  Amount of Series A Round Funded by CRV   Payout to Series E Investors  
  Post $ Valuation of Venture at Series A Round   Return on Investment    
        CRV ROI  
  Series B Financing Amount   Other Series A Investors ROI  
  Series B Post $ Valuation   Series B Investors ROI  
        Series C Investors ROI  
  Series C Financing Amount   Series D Investors ROI  
  Series C Post $ Valuation   Series E Investors ROI  
  Series D Financing Amount  
  Series D Post $ Valuation  
  Series E Financing Amount  
  Series E Post $ Valuation  
  Exit Valuation  


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