2/2/2021 Tip: 5 Things Venture Capitalists Hate

Today’s Quote

A good idea is about ten percent, and implementation, hard work and luck is 90 percent.
~ Guy Kawasaki


Today’s Tip

Here are 5 things venture capitalists hate 

  1. When entrepreneurs take forever to simply explain what their company does.
  2. When they detect the entrepreneur is exaggerating or BS-ing them
  3. When they feel they are being oversold to like a used car-salesperson might do
  4. When entrepreneurs dodge their questions and don’t give a clear answer
  5. When entrepreneurs brag

Be sure to avoid each of these when pitching VCs.


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Today’s Question: What resulted from the first national advertising campaign of deodorant targeting women?

Previous Question: What inventor was expelled from school for experimenting with explosives?

Answer: Sam Colt, inventor of the six-shooter, was expelled from school at the age of 16 for experimenting with explosives.

Undeterred by the expulsion, Colt continued to invent and perfect his weapons ideas throughout his life. His innovative contributions were described by arms historian James E. Serven as “events which shaped the history of American Firearms.” By the time of his death in 1862, Colt’s estate was valued at $15,000,000.

The lesson here is to pursue your passion. Colt refused to let his expulsion from school and other early failures deter him from continuing his work with guns and explosives. It is this determination that ultimately made him a huge success.

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