1/18/2021 Tip: 5 Proven Success Strategies for 2021

Today’s Quote

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.
~ John Cage


Today’s Tip

The following 5 strategies will boost your success this year.

  1. Hang out with other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people. Such people will inspire you and help with new ideas.
  2. Always search for a better mousetrap. In business, your first choices and/or solutions may not always work and you must be willing to try a lot of things to find the better solution.
  3. Find an unmet need and a problem, and fix it. If you have a me-too product or offer a product/service that doesn’t solve a real need or problem, you’re going to have a really tough time achieving the success you desire.
  4. Find multiple forms of funding early. Without funding, you can’t achieve full success. And don’t rely on just one funding source (which could dry up). See the Today’s Resource section below for funding help.
  5. Get compatible partners and employees. You can only fully succeed if you can find, train and motivate others to do great work.


Today’s Resource

My Proven Funding Strategy
Are you struggling to raise funding for your business?  

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use my proven funding strategy:

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Growthink’s clients have raised more than $2.5 billion using these strategies, and I’ve simplified everything here.



Today’s Question: What do a ballpoint pen and deodorant have in common that represent a critical business breakthrough?

Previous Question: A 1959 commercial for Good Luck Margarine featured whom as the spokesperson?

Answer: The spokesperson was former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Today it would be impossible to get the First Lady to endorse your product, but the power of endorsements remains an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Think about who could be a powerful spokesperson or endorser of your products or services. In many cases, that person may be a local or industry celebrity and could be paid just a small sum, paid in equity, or not paid at all if you have a strong relationship with them.

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