5/19/2021 Tip: 4 Email Subject Lines That Get a VC’s Attention

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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”
~ Peter Drucker


Today’s Tip

When emailing a venture capitalist (VC), if you don’t use the right subject line, you risk your email never getting opened.

Before giving you some subject lines that do work, let me tell you ones that don’t. Subject lines such as “Unique Investment Opportunity,” “Please Invest in our company,” and “Great Investment Opportunity” don’t catch investors’ attention and turn them off.

So, don’t use these. Here are some you can use:

  1. Your Involvement in XYZ Company
    Where XYZ company is a company that the investor has funded and which is in your general space. You would start the email with something such as “based on your investment in XYZ company, I think you will be interested in what we are doing…”
  2. New in the “XYZ Space”
    Where XYZ is the “space” in which you are operating in (e.g., the financial software space). The first line would tie the subject line to what you are doing.
  3. Referred by XYZ
    Where XYZ is a referral source that knows both you and the investor. This works extremely well, but clearly you must first get the referral.

    Because referrals are so powerful, go on LinkedIn and/or other networks to see if you already have someone in your network that can refer you to the investor.

  4. Comment on Your Post About XYZ
    Where XYZ is a blog post that the investor recently wrote about a subject. In your opening line you explain what you agree with in their post and then tie it to your company.


Today’s Resource

Forget Old School!

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And that’s why I created this page for you… to show you how to do it right.

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Today’s Question: What product that was marketed by Suzanne Somers was invented by a former Buddhist Monk?

Previous Question: What internationally popular sports clothing and shoe company paid only $35 for their logo?

Answer: Nike.

The Nike “swoosh'” is a design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, while she was a graphic design student at Portland State University. She met Phil Knight while he was teaching accounting classes and she started doing some freelance work for him.

At the time, Phil Knight said, “Well, I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.” 

In September 1983, Knight gave Davidson a golden Swoosh ring with an embedded diamond and an envelope filled with an undisclosed amount of Nike stock to express his gratitude.

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