10/4/2021 Tip: 20 Obstacles to Business Growth (& Webclass Invitation)

Today’s Quote

“Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One without the other is worthless.”
~Tim Blixseth


Today’s Tip

There are many mental and personal blockages that can hinder you from achieving your full potential in business. Blockages in business can be compared to fatty deposits around your arteries that impede blood pumped from the heart from reaching its destination.

For you to succeed in your business, you must identify and eliminate such blockages promptly.

This week I will present you with 20 common blockages that can impede your success. As you read them, mark any that might be affecting you and/or your business so you can improve them:

  1. Lack of Skill – As information increases, many business owners soon find out that there is much to learn. Whether it’s getting up to date on new tax laws, learning about social media, or practicing negotiation techniques, take the time to keep your skills sharp. One critical skill for entrepreneurs is your ability to raise funding. If you need this skill, please register for tomorrow’s funding webclass.
  2. Bad or Negative Attitude – While it may be easy to learn new skills, attitude is what makes or breaks a company. Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right! Check your attitude frequently.
  3. Lack of Focus – I always tell people that if they do one thing, they can do an A+ job; but that the second they do something else, they can only do a B+ job on each. And the bottom line is that to succeed in business, you must do an A job or better. So, make sure you focus on specific projects so you can excel at them.


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Today’s Question: The ruins of a large complex of shops near the Colosseum that have been called the world’s oldest shopping mall is named for which Roman emperor?

Previous Question: Upset by FAA regulations, in 1993 William Walts and George Richardson started an airline for passengers who could do what?

Previous Answer: Smoke!

Smokers Express was a Florida-based company that would have provided smoking flights to destinations within the United States. The company never received enough funding to begin operations. (It went up in smoke, or maybe it was just a pipe-dream?)


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