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LEE MUHL - Engagement Partner

Lee Muhl focuses on the Internet-delivery of digital media entertainment and informative content, usually in a launch or early-stage growth and financing scenario.  Earlier in his career, Lee was a Los Angeles transactional media attorney and media funding specialist.  Between 2000 and 2010, he took sabbaticals from advisory practice, joining the management ranks, in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, where he co-founded and arranged funding for several start-ups, each of which achieved seed/bridge/institutional funding ranging from several hundred thousand up to five million dollars. Since first joining Growthink in 2006, Lee has also worked across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries.

Areas of focus include: digital media/new media; Internet and mobile platforms (Internet television, streaming media, mobile app development and testing, etc.); traditional entertainment (film, TV and music production, financing and distribution); online and mobile gaming; and eLearning.  To date, Lee has overseen the successful conclusion of well over 100 Growthink engagements for market studies, business and funding plans and sophisticated financial models.

In addition to his work in the media industry, Lee is a primary advisory resource for Growthink on Reg. D Private Placements and similar offerings of equity, debt-equity and debt securities.   Lee has structured more than 30 PPMs, or offerings, for entrepreneurs and investment funds in media, in energy (oil and gas, solar, wind, biomass, biodiesel, petroleum alternatives, plasma arc gasification, etc.), in real estate (residential developments, hotel-hospitality, multi-family, commercial, urban redevelopment, government-subsidized, assisted-living, distressed property, etc.); and for a variety of consumer products (involving e-commerce, ad-marketing solutions, brick-and-mortar crossovers, etc.). 

Lee received his J.D. from the UCLA School of Law, where he also served as Chief Comment Editor of the UCLA Law Review.  He has served as a partner in two prominent L.A. media law firms, as a senior agent at the world’s largest talent agency, and as a senior management executive in four startups.   Lee is a published author, the executive producer of two feature films, a member of the California State Bar, a member of the Writers Guild of America, and has recently filed for a patent on proprietary Internet IP he co-created.