JAY TURO - Founder

"I believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest force for positive change in the world today. Growthink’s products, services, and ideas make a meaningful contribution to the spread and success of entrepreneurship worldwide. This is good and important work."

Growthink's co-founder and CEO, Jay Turo has led Growthink's emergence as one of the nation's largest strategic advisory and investment banking firms focused on the entrepreneurial marketplace.

In his 15 years at Growthink, Jay has advised dozens of emerging, middle market, and corporate clients regarding their growth and capital formation strategies. His corporate clients have included Deutsche Bank, McKesson, Infospace, Samsung, Porsche, & Paramount Pictures.

He has worked with a wide host of emerging companies including Accelerant, C8 Medisensors, Dakim, DCIP, Free Conference, Fresh Games, Green Medical, Integreon, L3D3, Mobeze, MyPublicInfo, Nolatek, Ometric, Pocketsonics, Precision Time, Raise Capital, Recoup IT, Research Scientists, Sandel Medical, Spring Medical, Telverse, Thrombovision, XCOM Wireless, and Xorbent, among others.

Jay is an active angel investor and speaker and writer regarding private equity, entrepreneurship, and technology. His column appears on the Growthink blog on Mondays. View his past columns here.

Jay has an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and earned a Bachelor's degree with Distinction and with Departmental Honors from Stanford University. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.

Watch Jay discuss entrepreneurship and relate his own experience starting and growing a company.

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