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A Panel Discussion featuring Mr. Richard Marcus - Former CEO and Chairman of Neiman Marcus


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e-Commerce companies spend over $2B annually on e-commerce technologies and yet average less than 3% conversion rates.

It is universally agreed that content personalization – showing the customer the most timely and relevant information for them – is the holy grail that greatly increases low conversions.

By example, Dell Computer has recently rolled out a pilot program built around dynamic web page personalization that has improved their conversions between 30% and 70%.

How did they do it?

And what does web personalization mean for the rest of us?

For privacy?

For the burgeoning world of mobile commerce?

A Dynamic Panel Discussion

On Thursday, August 4th, I am very excited to be moderating a high-powered panel discussion on the future of web personalization and the brave new world of 21st century commerce and retailing.

Our panelists are:

Mr. Richard Marcus, Former Chairman and CEO of the 41 store luxury retailer Neiman Marcus

Mr. Chris Ratcliffe, Executive Director of Global Messaging and Marketing Programs at Dell Computer

Mr. Mark Nagaitis, President, CEO and Co-Founder of 7 Billion People, Inc., developers of the world’s leading dynamic web personalization technology

Limited Attendance by Invitation Only

To allow for quality audience interaction, we are limiting attendance to the first 35 registrants.

So sign up right away to attend via the link below:

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