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Capital Raising Bootcamp Preview


Here is a video that explains precisely why raising capital is so important to your business.

And, importantly, it includes details regarding why it’s critical that you understand how to raise capital from multiple sources, even if you currently are only seeking one particular type of capital...

Near the end, I reveal a fantastic (and perhaps my favorite)  tip, which is the single most controllable factor that you have to improve your success in both fundraising and successfully growing you business.



To learn more about how to raise capital from all of the different sources, check out Growthink's Capital Raising Bootcamp (, which will be available on July 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST.

If you were on any of the calls with me last month, then you know how valuable this will be for entrepreneurs of all levels.  It's going to be 3 information-packed, high-energy sessions that will end in Q&A for as long as it takes to answer all of your burning questions.

If you have any questions now about the course, please comment below so I can post answers for everyone. 

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Frank Firestine says

How does one get in on the sessions?
Posted at 6:54 pm
Growthink says

Hi Frank - Registration opens Wednesday July 29th at 12pm EST. You'll be able to reserve your spot here:
Posted at 10:14 pm
kelly schick says

can i apply this to canadian business practices...i am really interested in finding this out so i can move forward
Posted at 8:53 am
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