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A bakery business plan, like any business plan, should tell the story of your future business. Like a novel, story, or play, the business plan has an underlying structure, although its purpose is to convince readers of the business’s viability rather than to merely entertain.

The Exposition

Much like the inside flap of a novel, the executive summary should give away the highlights of the story. The difference here is that nothing should be held back - it should be as complete a picture of the entire plan as it can be, while staying within two pages.

The stage is set and all the major players introduced in the sections that follow. The company description discusses the founders and how the concept for the business began. Industry analysis describes the scene - the local market and industry within which your bakery will compete both as it is and with projections as to how it is expected to change. Savvy investors are more interested in where the bakery industry and your specific market will be by the time your business launches than where it is today or a year ago. Next, customer analysis and competitive analysis detail the other major players. Competitors should be defined beyond other bakeries to include foodservice businesses in general. Again, future projections will be of interest as well as the current situation for customer and competitors.

Rising Action

Now that the scene is set, the action of the story is in the marketing and operations of the bakery. This describes what your bakery will do to bring customers in, fend off competitors, and make the most of its resources including investor dollars and the founders themselves. Pay special attention to the promotional strategy you will use to bring in customers. Merely having a spot on a well-trafficked street may not be enough if other businesses are already serving the needs of customers nearby. Finally, a description of the management team explains who you have found to fill out the skills you need to launch your bakery or how you will go about doing so.


If there is any climax to this story for an investor, it is the financial section. Here is the literal payoff that an investor can expect or the evidence of the bakery’s projected health for a wary lender. The financial plan should include some narrative description of the highlights as well as charts or graphs to introduce the major projections. Only later, in the appendix, do detailed pro-forma financial statements (typically income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet) appear to show evidence of your assumptions and financial skill.


With the major case for the business made, the business plan appendix should provide additional support which comforts any reader who still have questions or to show details on articles, surveys, reviews, and resumes referred to earlier. Putting down a business plan, a reader should feel some of your excitement about the opportunity and want to speak to you about partnering or investing.

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